Frequent Asked Questions

Alicia Plata Company

  • ¿Where is Alicia Plata Located? Taxco, Guerrero, México.
  • ¿What is Alicia Plata´s address in Taxco? Cuauhtemoc 1-A, Colonia Centro, C.P. 40200, Taxco, Guerrero, México
  • ¿How can i contact Alicia Plata ? You can contact Alicia Plata by Phone,Online Support, Msn Messenger or E-mail
  • ¿What Days and time is Alicia Plata opened ? Alicia Plata opens from Monday til Saturday 10:00 a.m. a 6:00 p.m.and Sundays 10:00 a.m. a 5:00 p.m. (Mexico City Time)

Visit our link: Contact us.

Wholesale Orders - Online Catalog

  • National Orders : $ 3,000 pesos
  • International Orders: $ 300 USD
  • ¿The prices which appear in the catalog are wholesale prices ?
  • All our prices are F.O.B., Taxco, Guerrero, México. Only Wholesale.
  • The prices are in mexican pesos. In order to see them in dollars you must change the option currencies to USD.
  • ¿How can i place an order ?
  • Create an account (
  • Once you find the article you like click on "Buy Now!".
  • Choose  "Quantity" and click on "Update".
  • Press "Continue shopping".
  • Once you add all the artilces you need press "Checkout".
  • Write your "Shippping address", "Coments about your order" and press "Continue Check out procedure".
  • Write your "Billing address", select your "Payment method" and press "Continue".
  • Press "Confirm order" we inmediately receive your order, send you an e-mail confirming your order and with our bank details. 
  • ¿What are the payments methods ?


  • Bank Transfer

  • Bank Transfer.
  • Credit card by Pay Pal (for further information about PayPal:

By default the payment method is bank transfer if you want to use Paypal please write it down in your coments.

  • ¿How can i confirm Alicia Plata recieved my order ?
  • Once you click on "Confirm Order ", automatically an email of order reception will be sent to you.
  • A second email will be send with all the payment details for wire transfer or an electronic invoice for paypal.
  • ¿Why i don´t receive the reception confirmation email if i have already pressed confirm order? This may happen if you order articles which are not in stock. The system will keep your order in your shopping cart and you will need to delete all the articles in red which are not in stock. They will appear whit the legend "Not Available".
  • ¿Why my order was cancelled ?
  • If your order is not at least 300 dlls it might be cancelled
  • If you don´t confirm payment in the next 3 days after recieving the reception confirmation, your order might be cancelled.
  • ¿How orders are shipped?
  • Inside Mexico: DHL
  • Internacional: UPS


* Alicia Plata is only responsible for the merchandise until is turn in the delivery company the client wanted to be used. In case of problems with the delivery, this must be solve by the client and the delivery company. Alicia plata will help in claims but it is not responsible for the delivery.

  • ¿Are the shipments insured? UPS only gives you a 500 dlls insurance. If a client wants to insurance more than that, it needs to be done by an insurance company.
  • ¿How long does it take to get my order after payment ?

Once we recieve your payment:

  • México: 1-2 days.
  • International: 2-5 days.
  • ¿How can i track the shipment? Once the order is sent we will email to you your UPS tracking number.

Wholesale Orders - Production

  • ¿How can i order articles which used to be on the catalog but they don´t appear anymore? En we are always uploading new designs and the desings which are not in stock anymore will not appear on catalog. In case you need an article it doesn´t appear send us an email with the code or picture, quantity, delivery tima and we will send you an email confirming if we can make the order and all the details for paymetn. The order will be confirmed only after the payment is done.
  • ¿Can I Alicia Plata produced my own designs ? In general , Alicia Plata only makes its own designs but feel free to ask us, in case we can´t make them we can probalby help you find a supplier.


  • ¿Can i buy retail from the online catalog? The online catalog is only wholesale. We only sell retail in our retail stores which are located in different cities in Mexico.
  • ¿Where can i find the retail stores ? Please visit our link: Alicia Plata Retail Stores.